Learn about Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District, including Green Bonds, Featured News, Key Projects, and The Team.
2.7 Billion
Square Miles Covered

About Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District

MSD protects our community’s overall health and safety by providing clean waterways through wastewater treatment, stormwater/drainage management, and Ohio River flood protection—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
This is the job of 650 MSD employees across the 376 square miles of the Louisville Metro* area. While we operate and maintain Louisville Metro’s sewer and floodwall systems, water quality treatment centers and flood pumping stations, MSD also invests in hundreds of infrastructure improvement projects each year and plants more than 1,000 trees and other plants to enhance water filtration and reduce runoff.
We also pride ourselves in educating and informing our community through dozens of outreach programs about protecting our waterways.

Louisville MSD's Mission, Vision and Values Video


 The innovative regional utility for safe, clean waterways


 Provide quality wastewater, storm water and flood protection services 

to protect public health and safety through sustainable solutions, 

fiscal stewardship and strategic partnerships



Work in a safe and respectful manner that promotes collaboration, trust, diversity, quality of work and continuous learning.

Customer Service

Achieve a premium level of customer satisfaction by serving our customer promptly in a responsive and respectful manner.

Public Education

Enhance public knowledge of our Mission and responsibilities through open, honest communication with our customers and community stakeholders.


Maintain the highest levels of integrity to ensure the public trust through transparency, financial responsibility and stewardship.


Continually improve the environmental quality of our waterways through collaboration with the community and by maintaining our infrastructure.


Advocate on behalf of our community for public health, safety and protection in accordance with our Mission.

Green Bonds

Learn about our environmental, social, and governance program, and how we bring those values to life with green bonds, sustainable projects, and more.

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Key Projects

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The Team

James Parrot

Executive Director, Secretary/Treasurer

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Brad Good

Chief Financial Officer

(502) 540-6131


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David Johnson

Chief Engineer

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