MFWQTC Sedimentation Basins RR

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Project Description: Complete rehabilitation of the four primary sedimentation basins. Each rectangular basin is approximately 275 feet long, 70 feet wide, and 17 feet deep, for a total treatment capacity of 330 MGD. Work includes structural inspection, crack repair, and any other structural corrective actions necessary. Traveling bridge sludge collectorswill be replaced with new models, and the wear rails and drive rails will be replaced to match the new equipment. Scum
handling, sludge cross collectors, and delivery screws will be replaced. Sludge pumps will be replaced in kind with new pump bases and appurtenances. Sludge piping within the access corridors will be replaced with glass-lined DIP. New
chemical feed systems for chemically-enhanced primary treatment will be provided. A means for dewatering the sludge hoppers will be provided. Underground piping will not be replaced.

Project Justification: The Primary Sedimentation Basins were originally constructed in the 1950s. Most equipment serving the basins has exceeded the expected service life, and equipment performance has become unreliable. Rehabilitation will reduce the level of pollutants discharged into the Ohio River from the Main Diversion Structure and the Southwest Pump Station.