Paddy’s Run Flood Pump Station Capacity Upgrade

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Project Description: This project will construct a new flood pumping station that shall provide a total, estimated pumping capacity of 1,900 MGD to replace the existing outdated facility. The project will include new flood pumps, motors, and discharge pipes over the existing levee to a new outfall structure near the Ohio River, and selectively demolish the existing pump station. This project will also install all necessary SCADA, electrical, and mechanical components to operate the new flood pumps, in addition to the required aesthetic, plumbing, and HVAC equipment.

Project Justification: Constructed in 1953 by USACE, the Paddy’s Run Flood Pump Station (FPS) is beyond its useful life and is critical infrastructure to replace. The current 925 MGD Pump Station protects approximately 214,500 people, 70,000 homes, 6,000 businesses, and 40 neighborhoods. In addition to providing regional flood protection along the Ohio River, the station uniquely assists with wet weather treatment. Under some operating conditions, the Paddy’s Run FPS becomes the effluent pump station for the Bells Lane Wet Weather Treatment Facility. Without the station in operation, flow would discharge untreated through CSO 015, resulting in combined sewage ponding in upstream residential areas, including streets, basements, and first floors, before ultimately discharging to the Ohio River. This project will protect the public from flooding and will prevent unauthorized discharges of combined sewage.