Thermal Hydrolysis

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Project Description: MSD will construct a modern biosolids processing facility at the Morris Forman WQTC that utilizes a thermal hydrolysis pretreatment process (THP) to create a useable biogas.

Project Justification: The Morris Forman WQTC is unable to consistently meet its effluent permit for BOD and TSS due to outdated and aging biosolids processes and increased influent loads, primarily from new distillery installations. The increased loads, along with the deterioration of the existing dewatering and drying system, has left the MFWQTC unable to process sufficient biosolids, resulting in regular permit excursions. The THP process is a solids conditioning system that will allow the MFWQTC to process a higher volume of solids and will maximize the use of the existing digesters, while producing a greater volume of methane gas that can be captured and converted to energy. Once completed, this system combined with the new dryers, will produce a Class A biosolids that can be marketed as a fertilizer while generating enough energy to approach energy independence at the MFWQTC. Other regional plants will also be able to send their biosolids to this facility and avoid landfill costs.