Commercial Paper Program

$250,000,000 Commercial Paper Notes, Series 2018A-1

$250,000,000 Commercial Paper Notes, Series 2018A-2

Total Amount Outstanding as of 2/1/2023: $100,000,000

Purpose: Program notes are issued for the purpose of financing the cost of projects related to the acquisition or construction of improvements, betterments or extensions to MSD’s systems and to refinance, renew or refund Program Notes issued under the Program Note Resolution.


Offering Memorandum


Moody's Rating Report (P-1)

S&P Global Rating Report (A-1+)

Issuing Paying Agent:

US Bank National Association


BofA Securities, Inc. (Commercial Paper Notes, Series 2018A-1)

Patrick Thomas,, 212-449-5544

J.P. Morgan Securities LLC (Commercial Paper Notes, Series 2018A-2)

Peter McCarthy,, 212-834-7224